Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Chat on Tuesday!

Mark your calendars and join me, if you dare, for a fun Halloween Chat on Tuesday, October 18th at 10:10 am Mountain Time at!

That's 9:10 am Pacific, 11:10 am Central, and 12:10 pm Eastern. There will be prizes, gifts, games, trivia, and much more!!

I hope to see lots of you there for some good, clean (and calorie free) Halloween FUN!


  1. Ah dang! Why does *work* always get in the way. Hmmmm, I wonder if my work filter will allow chat rooms. Probably not.....dang....

  2. oh and such a cute ad! I love that font!

  3. Sorry that I missed out. Hope everyone had a great time chatting!


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