Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Eve

Tomorrow is Halloween! YAY!! I love Halloween. We threw a VERY fun Halloween party on Friday at our house!! It's a costume party - everyone HAS to dress up. It's so much fun. And its always a big secret what everyone is dressing up as! This year - Scarlett's FIRST Halloween - we dressed up as . . .

Pooh, Piglet & Tigger!

I made our costumes and actually managed to do it all without sewing a stitch! I bought Josh & I gold and orange sweat suits online and turned them into Pooh (with a red tee shirt hemmed up with stitch witchery) and Tigger (glued felt tummy striped and ears on). Pretty simple. Tigger was a little time consuming, but it was definitely not dificult.

Scarlett's costume was a striped shirt I found on ebay. I cut the sleeves off and hemmed them with stitch witchery. Her tulle tutu was one of those classic no-sew tutus. And her pink tights and turtle neck, and crocs, I already had. Her ears are cut out of felt and glued onto clippies.

(I'm planning on dressing her up again on Monday and taking some better photos.)

So there we are. A Winnie the Pooh Family!

(PS - Josh surprised me on Friday with the new Winnie the Pooh movie on Blu Ray! Isn't he sweet?! We took Scarlett to see it for her first movie back when it was in theaters, so we already LOVED it. We watched it this morning and its as funny and sweet as we remembered. I'll probably do a full review soon!!)


  1. SO CUTE! My little guy is being Winnie the Pooh too!!! Love the new movie... I think it's been on 10 times this week at our house. You are so creative Brittney... love it.

  2. LOVE the costumes. LOVE even more that you made them. You are one amazing lady!!

    SO FUN that you guys have a party every year...

    Happy Halloween!!

  3. So creative and just adorable! You are all so cute!

  4. I think I am jealous of too many things here: 1. Your creativity. 2. That you found the time 3. That you did this all no sew 4. That you have a man who does this type of dressing up willingly!

    Wonderfully done, Girl! Not that I expected anything less. ;)

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  6. Wow!! She is gorgeous!! The costumes are amazing! What a beautiful family!!

  7. So crafty and cute! I love themed family costumes and yours are adorable! I don't know how you had the time to do it.

  8. So cute!!! I love all of the costumes! Your party sounds like so much fun.

  9. Great costumes!So creative!!!
    Lovely family!
    Happy Halloween and thank you for sharing! =)

  10. Great job on the costumes!!! So cute!!!

  11. Auwh Britt, you 3 look so CUTE!! You're really talented in many ways!
    Can you meet piglet in Disneyland later this week? Cause I think Scarlet should were her Piglet Outfit then!

  12. sweet and creative! the costumes are just adorable! and you guys look amazing as the 100 acre wood gang!!


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