Friday, October 28, 2011

new releases!

Whoa. I've been a little MIA haven't I? Well - I totally have a good excuse!! I am throwing a big Halloween bash at my house tonight. Josh and I invited both sides of the families, so we're attempting to squeeze around 25 adults & kids into our tiny house for our (somewhat yearly) costume party!!! I can't reveal what we're dressing up as yet, but watch for some pictures later this weekend.

PLUS in just 4 short days we are headed to DISNEYLAND for Scarlett's first trip ever! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am. It's ridiculous. So . . . needless to say I've been SUPER BUSY getting it all ready!

On top of it all, I do have some new releases today!! And I know I'm going to make a few people very happy with these . . .

"Build-a-Princess Paper Pack Bundle"

Looking for hair, skin, and fabrics to build your Build-a-Princess? Well, look no further!! You'll find every shade to build ANY princess right here!! Each pack is available individually as well!

"Build-a-Princess Paper Pack: Satins"

"Build-a-Princess Paper Pack: Cottons"

"Build-a-Princess Paper Pack: Hair"

"Build-a-Princess Paper Pack: Skins"

Also new in the shop this week:

"I Love Candy Corn Alpha"

Wordy Paper Pack: Halloween Time"

LOTS of new goodies in the shop today!!!

Here's the page I scrapped with the new princess papers:

And from the amazing Britt Girls - using the new princess papers AND the new Halloween stuff:

Ok . . . on to this week's Show Off Slideshow!!

Thanks to everyone who sent in their Show Offs this week! You're all getting my new "Wordy Paper Pack: Halloween Time" as your gift this week, so watch those email inboxes!

And with that, I'm off!! SO MUCH TO DO before the party tonight! I really hope I can get it all done!!!!!!! Wish me luck!


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