Wednesday, October 12, 2011

our little redhead??

My dad is a redhead, I naturally have some definite red in my blonde hair. And yes, Scarlett's brown hair definitely has some warm tones in it, but she's not a redhead. Except maybe just as the sun goes down.

As I was editing the pictures from her 6 month photo shoot, I noticed the light in the last two frames I snapped made her look like a total redhead! Move over Anne of Green Gables, Scarlett Ann would make the most fabulous redhead ever!!

I didn't edit this to make her hair redder or anything. I promise!! The light was just so RED that evening! Even her eyebrows look red! Isn't that awesome?

I LOVE Scarlett's brown hair. I always told Josh I wanted her hair to be dark like his. But if Scarlett ever somehow ends up with red locks, I'd be thrilled. This photo is like a little glimpse into what that would be like and I LOVE IT!


  1. Too cute! I am so happy to be blessed with 3 little redheads.

  2. she is absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. So cute, I always wanted my own little Anne of Green Gables!

  4. so cute with the blues en that hair.
    my son has the same in his blond hear, when ist a bit longer en light shines on it.
    his granddad was a real readhad,


  5. WOW!!! Very RED! So cute though! Especially with those blue eyes!

  6. She will totally rock being a redhead! :)


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