Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I'm overwhelmed when I think of the things I'm thankful for this year. So I'll just name a few.

Motherhood. It's beyond what I imagined and hoped it would be. It was the role I was meant to play. I love it so much. And a lot of that has to do with my sweet Scarlett Ann. She's awesome. In every way.

Josh. Another reason motherhood is so darn good - a great husband. He's my better half, my partner, my best friend. He's more than I deserve.

Working from home. Being able to have a fun job I love AND getting to do it from home is incredible lucky. I choose my own hours, my own schedule, my own everything. I love that I can help support our little family and still get to stay home with the Babe. Plus, I LOVE all my online friends, supporters, and of course, my fellow Disney-nuts. It's a HUGE blessing in my life, this digital scrapbooking. I'm so blessed.

Life is good.

Enjoy yours today. Be thankful.

I'm thankful for you.


  1. what a cutew picture ;)

    grteetings renata

  2. Your baby is just so stinkin' adorable! What a cutie!

  3. She is SO cute!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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