Monday, November 21, 2011

Scarlett's First Disneyland Trip (cont.)

After her first walk down Main Street, Scarlett was exhausted. ("Scarlett Was Exhausted" could be the subtitle to this trip. Without her regular naps, she was pretty much tired for 4 days). She fell asleep in the stroller for a little while, but once she was up it was time to head to Critter Country to meet Winnie the Pooh and Friends and ride her first ride!!

First up, we met Tigger. This was one of the best character interactions we had because Scarlett leaned in and gave him kisses. OK - so she doesn't really know how to give kisses yet, but she let Josh lean her in and it looked like kisses to us!!! She did NOT want to get close to any other character like she did with Tigger. She was very into him.

It was so surprising that she loved Tigger so much because he's so HUGE! Way bigger than any other character she met. Maybe it was because she had been carrying around her own little Tigger plush from home, so she felt like she knew him. I don't know. But she really liked him.

Then came Eeyore. For a brief moment we thought she liked him. She even touched him.

But then she got really nervous and stressed out. Too close? Too much? I don't know. But she didn't want to be close. This picture cracks me up because it shows the difference between Scarlett and her cousin, Maya. Scarlett's like, "no thanks, I'm done!" and Maya's like "Oooooh fun!".

The good thing is she didn't seem to mind being around the characters as long as she wasn't too close.

One more character to go, the silly old bear himself was up next. While we waited in line, we took some cute pictures.

My niece, Maya. She got SO MUCH ATTENTION from these ears. Practically every person we walked past pointed and gawked at her cuteness. She had barely enough hair for two itty bitty piggies on the top of her head on which they clipped the ears to. Aren't they cute?!

When it was Scarlett's turn to meet the big, fluffy, cute, so sweet Winnie the Pooh, she was not excited. She liked to look at him in the distance, but when we got up to him, this happened:

"I'm outta here!"

But we still got a cute family shot!

Finally, it was time for Baby's first ever RIDE!!! We decided on Winnie The Pooh. Small World was closed (my first choice). And Pirate's was closed (Josh's first choice). So, Winnie the Pooh it was. And it was fitting! Winnie the Pooh was Scarlett's first movie. She was Piglet for her first Halloween. So, Winnie the Pooh as her first ride was just right!

Scarlett had a lot of fun on her first ride!! She loved the bright colors and fun music! First ride = success!

Here we all are! We filled up one whole beehive.

Right after Winnie the Pooh we met up with my California digi gal pals, Tanya (Crossbone Cuts, TanyaH666) and Carol (aka Carolc, owner/creator of

We had dinner (corndogs!!! YUMMMM) and had a GREAT chat! Our visit was short, but sweet!! It's always such a treat to see these girls.

We did a LOT of very fun things our first day. But it all culminated with our first ever viewing of the Soundsational Parade. While we were waiting for the parade, we saw a possum hiding in the bushes. A REAL possum, living at Disneyland. How crazy is that?1

Two cute cousins waiting for the parade! All 4 girls actually had these matching jackets, but we somehow forgot to get a picture of them all together.

The Soundsational Parade was INCREDIBLE!! LOVED EVERY MINUTE. Since it was at night, it was hard to get any good pictures and we mostly just wanted to enjoy and watch Scarlett enjoy, so we didn't bother with pictures. Scarlett totally loved it. She LOVES music, so she was just in heaven (so were we!).

That pretty much wrapped up Day 1 of our trip. Lots of fun.

I'll make sure to start working on writing up more about our trip! :) Probably not going to be tomorrow, but at I promise to keep working on it!

Have a happy Monday!!


  1. Scarlett is SO adorable, and I just love her Minnie outfit!

  2. Everything about these pictures is so fun!!! I love it! I love the matching jackets... I love the ears, I love it! hehe And I didn't realize your mom has so many granddaughters so far... I bet she LOVES it!! So fun!

  3. I loved reading through this! What a very special first trip! She's such a cutie!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these pics. Not only are they inspiration for how to take great pics during character encounters but to share with us how cute Miss Scarlett (because I have to say that just like I was in the movie!) is, they are priceless! Thank you!

  5. Adorable, looks like you all had a wonderful time. Eeyore is my fav. :)


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