Wednesday, December 14, 2011

bring on the presents!


Yep, its my birthday today. I'm 31. And I thought it would be fun to celebrate my birthday with all my digi-scrap friends and throw myself a little party. haha!

So, to start things off, even though its not Friday, I have a new birthday kit to release today. Can you believe in the 4 years I've been designing I've NEVER MADE A BIRTHDAY KIT!? I couldn't either. So here is my very first birthday themed kit!!

"Cake & Ice Cream"

And as MY birthday gift to all of you . . .

Take 31% off (since I'm 31 years old today) your purchase!!
One time use!! Expires Saturday 12/17 (at midnight).
Exclues bundles, but INCLUDES the new kit!! What a steal.

Here's the page I scrapped with "Cake & Ice Cream"! My brother's birthday party a few months ago.

and more pages from the Britt Girls:

Hope everyone has a VERY happy day. I actually have no idea what we're doing to celebrate my birthday. I suppose Josh has something planned. Right, honey? :) *UPDATE* I've been informed that we have reservations at a very swanky restaurant tonight. Good job, babe. I'm excited!!

Oh! Also, this is my last new release of the year. I'm taking the rest of the season off to focus on my family and the holidays!! LOTS to do to get ready, enjoy, and make memories. I'll be back with new products in 2012. But as of now, I'm officially OFF! (I'm sure I'll be blogging a bit here and there, so its not like you won't hear from me for weeks on end!)

Have a lovely wintery week. ta ta!


  1. Happy Birthday Britt!!!! and thanks for your present to us. I hope you have a fab day. :-)


  2. Happy Birthday Britt! Have a ton of fun tonight! Thanks for the coupon. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Britt! Hope it is terrific and magical and all that.

  4. Happy Birthday Britt! Wishing you a wonderful day! Thanks for the birthday discount coupon. Blessings JenEm

  5. Happy happy birthday! Enjoy your well-deserved night out!

  6. Happy Birthday Britt! I'll be 31 next month... 30's aren't as bad as we thought they'd be, right? :) Have a great birthday with your beautiful baby girl! And thanks for the coupon!

  7. happy birthday, a day to late, but i was celebrating my own birthday.
    greetings renata


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