Thursday, December 15, 2011

santa, meet scarlett

We took Scarlett to meet Santa Claus last week. We didn't know how it would go. I braced myself for tears and screams. I'm not quite sure why, she really isn't the kind of gal who makes a scene.

While she was a teensy bit nervous, she did really great. We were so proud of her.

And Santa was INCREDIBLE. SOOOOOO cute.

And the best part - it was all FREE!! I got to take my OWN photo. No workers to forbid the use of our own cameras, or phones. No one rushing you through. It was lovely. Anyone in the Utah Country area - go see Santa at The Shops at Riverwoods in Provo. Santa is there everyday Mon-Sat from 6-9pm. Be warned, even though you can't tell because of the cute set up they have, it is outdoors! So dress warm. We saw several people whip off their kids' coats for a quick pic. No harm in that! You'll notice we unwrapped Scarlett down to her sweater for the photos, and then promptly bundled her back up.

Plus the Shops at Riverwoods has an amazing display of Christmas lights!! There are also free carriage rides Mon, Fri, & Sat 6-9pm. It's worth making a trip down to see it all.

Haha! I didn't mean for this to be a Shops at Riverwoods testimonial! It's just, I did my research beforehand to find a place we could meet Santa that would let me take my own photos. And I was so pleased with our experience, I thought I'd share the good find.

Anyway - we had a wonderful Christmas-y evening together as a family. It's such a wonderful time of year!!!!


  1. You have the cutest BABY

    See is just darling.


  2. What a doll baby! And a great looking Santa too!

  3. So soooo cute! Happy birthday too!

  4. I love her dress! We took Isaac to meet Santa at the Riverwoods and it was so pretty w/ all the lights. Definitely magical!

  5. very cool that you can take your own photos! much better than the mall photos - where you get one!!!

    Scarlett is adorable!!!


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