Friday, December 9, 2011

show offs and slideshows and alphas OH MY!

This week I've just got one new alpha in the shop . . .

"Winterrful Alpha"

I LOVE houndstooth. And as I was thinking of what to create for this week, I accidentally quick masked a houndstooth pattern to my alpha and inspiration struck!

Ok . . . let's get to this week's Show Offs slideshow.

And you guessed it, all the Show Offs are getting my new alpha as their gift!

(What's a Show Off? How do you join in the fun? Read all about it here!)

This has been our last round of Show Offs for 2011. We'll pick it up again starting on January 6, 2012. If you want to send in 1 Show Off between now and January 6th, that'd be great! But just send 1. We don't want 1,000 layouts to sort through when we get back to it.

So no more Show Offs until January 6. Mark your calendars!


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