Wednesday, January 25, 2012

weekly scarlett update

Today Scarlett is 45 weeks old. Can you believe it?! Only 7 weeks until she's 1. Holy crap. Everyone tells you that time just flies by and they grow up so fast, and man are they right.

Anyway - I'm still going strong with her weekly photo project. I can't wait to make glossy, beautiful coffee table books for the grandparents and for us too. I had a request to show some of the process we go through to get her photos each week and to see some of the outtakes.

Since its winter, the light isn't the best. So lately, my photos have had noise & some motion blur. But oh well!! I just do my best and that's all I can do.

This morning Scarlett was not in a happy mood. She was a total roller coaster. She was tired and grouchy one minute. (I'm leaving all of these uncropped so you can see the process)

And happy and crazy the next minute!

If I'm lucky (like today), Josh still hasn't left for work yet, so he can help me get her to look up, not roll away, and get a good picture. Today, the method was holding up our Ariel Animator's doll. This seemed to keep her attention.

I was so excited to finally get to use this snowy fabric. We haven't had any snow this season!! I couldn't believe it was the end of January and we are just now seeing any snow!

She's getting so big now I have to stand up on a chair!

I really wanted her to show us one of her tricks, like clapping or peek-a-boo or 'so big'. But she was no cooperating whatsoever. So, we just gotta go with what she wants to do.

And here's the final picture with the photoshopped number. I FINALLY got her a new white onesie this week. She's 10 months old and I was still squeezing her into her same 0-3 month one! Can you believe it?! We had stretched it out to the max.

Some weeks its really easy and I can get the shot I want in a few snaps (well, let's be honest, I've never taken less than 20). But most weeks its a longer process. And then some weeks it's a struggle and I end up frustrated as does Scarlett. One of the hardest weeks, I was on my own (no Josh to help) and had to take over 160 frames to get a good one. But we try to make it a happy, fun project and not get too stressed out about it.

(You can see all Scarlett's weekly photos on my Flickr stream.)

Has anyone out there started a weekly, monthly baby photo project? I'd love to see!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

speed scrap on friday!

I'm hosting a Speed Scrap this coming Friday (Jan. 27) at 3:00 MST. (That's 5:00pm EST/4:00pm CST/3:00pm MST/2:00pm PST/10:00pm GMT.)

It's part of the Speed Scrap Marathon. It's lots of fun! We'll be chatting in the MouseScrapper Chat Room, and the 7 instructions will be posted in the Speed Scrap Forum. After the first hour is over and all the instructions have been given you'll then have 4 hours to complete your page!! Get it done on time and you get this prize . . .

(yes, it coordinates with my "Animal Kingdom" kit.)

The Speed Scrap Marathon is really great. I'm so happy I get to host one of the scraps. There are even goodie bags for those who complete the half-marathon (at least 8 of the scheduled scraps) and an even bigger/better goodie bag for those who can complete the FULL marathon. Find out more about goodie bags and the marathon here.

So - mark those calendars and I'll see you on Friday!! Yay.

Friday, January 20, 2012

i've been workin' on the railroad

. . . all the live-long day! Trains! Trains! Trains! I think its so funny how we've all probably got a train photo or two (or twenty) in our stash. We all seem to love a good train ride. Or maybe you have a train collector, or builder, or just a huge Thomas fan in your household.

Whatever the locomotive occasion, I've got a brand new kit that will help you scrap it out.

"Workin' On The Railroad"

and a bonus alpha too . . .

"Workin' On The Railroad Bonus Alpha"

And, I do have a little add-on freebie for ya at the end of this post too!!

I, as you may have guessed, have LOTS of Disneyland Railroad pictures to scrap. So I started with Scarlett's first ride . . .

And here are some awesome layouts from the Britt Girls!

Isn't this kit fun?! I tried to make it as versatile as possible. So you could scrap anything from baby photos, to school photos, to Thomas the Tank Engine mania!! :) Hope you all enjoy it.

It's time, once again, to enjoy the Show Offs. So here we go!

Each of this week's Show Offs will get my new Workin' On The Railroad Bonus Alpha as their gift.

Interested in Showing Off!? Learn all about how it works HERE. Our next slideshow/gift will be on February 3rd.

And last, but not least, here's that add-on freebie I promised ya.


Have a fantastic weekend, full of scrappin' fun. TOOT TOOT!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

last minute sneak peek

I meant to get this sneak peek up this morning, but I totally spaced it!! Ooops! Well, my new kit will be released at midnight, but I thought I'd pop in and show ya the sneak peek anyway . . .

Are you excited?! Check back in later tonight (or tomorrow morning for those of us who aren't night owls) for the release.

Friday, January 13, 2012

fill 'er up!

Hi everybody. Sorry today's post and new release is a little later than usual. Scarlett's been sick and I had to take her in to the doctor this morning. Everything is fine though. Big sigh of relief! She just has a virus with "coarse breathing", as the doc put it. Which apparently is normal while she has this virus. No croup, no pneumonia WHEW!

We took a nice long "magic shower", as we call it, with lots of steam and that seems to have helped a loosen things up a bit. She's sleeping peacefully now, so I can get down to business and get you all my latest creation . . .

"Fill 'Er Up Templates"

Lately, I've been obsessed with scrapping these big, over-the-top, FULL pages. Covering the entire paper with photos, stacks, spills, etc etc etc! It's so fun. Just a new way to create a memory page. And I thought you might like to try it too! It's much easier to try out a new style when you've got a template to follow. Here are my layouts using "Fill 'Er Up". You may recognize a couple of them from the past that inspired two of the new layouts. (click images to enlarge)

And here are some incredible creations from the Britt Girls:

Aren't these types of pages fun? Something NEW to try!! I hope you'll try them out and post your creations in the Britt-ish Designs gallery for me to see.

Monday, January 9, 2012

digi-scrap stats: 2011

There's a trend out there right now of tabulating your 2011 Digi-Scrap stats, and picking your top 10 favorite pages of the year. And well, it just looked like a LOT of fun. So - here we go!

Pages Scrapped: 94
That's almost 8 a month. Not bad. But getting that close to 100 was just frustrating! So my goal for 2012 is to make it to 100 AT LEAST!

Pages Left Unfinished: 0
I'm NOT AT ALL the kind of scrapper who can leave a page un-done. I almost always finish a page in a sitting. Once in a blue moon (like right now, actually) I have to put a page on hold to finish later. But mostly I have to work on a page 'til it's done.

Pages Printed: 20
This one's embarrassing. I'm such a slacker when it comes to printing. But man, oh man, do I love looking at my printed pages. So my second goal for 2012 is to print a LOT more than that!! I just have to put aside a little money each month to do it, then it doesn't feel like such a huge splurge!

And my top ten favorites: This was very hard to narrow it down, but it was a ton of fun looking through all my pages from the year. In no particular order . . . (each image is clickable to see the full, credited version)

Have you done your 2011 Digi-Scrap stats? Link me up or post them here.

Who's with me to get to 100 pages in 2012?!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

show off slideshow!

Sorry this is a day late, but I'm just now getting back to work/emails/etc. Anyway . . . enjoy this round of Show Offs!

All of these Show Offs got a $2.50 Gift Code for my shop. All those emails have gone out, so if you didn't get your code, shoot me an email at myshowoffs at gmail dot com.

Interested in Showing Off!? Learn all about how it works HERE. Our next slideshow/gift will be on January 20th.

Love you guys!! Thanks for all the kind wishes about my grandma. They warmed my heart. Ta ta!

Monday, January 2, 2012

my grammy

On New Years Eve our Grammy Rodee passed away. It was sudden and we definitely weren't ready. I would give anything for one last hug, one last kiss, one last I love you.

Grammy's hasn't been feeling well for a couple years now, so I'm very happy she's home with her Father in Heaven feeling young and healthy and free once again! She was also in the early stages of Alzheimer's. I feel it was a merciful blessing (for her and for Gramps) that she didn't have to have that disease take her.

All three of her sisters were waiting for her in heaven, and I'm sure they probably had a wonderful New Year's Eve party together. They always knew how to have a good time!

I know she knew how much I loved her. Well, I really hope and pray she knew! I can't even begin to explain or express our relationship. I loved her very much. She was an incredible example of a loving wife, a hard-working mother, and a pillar of strength for her family.

I'm so happy she got to meet my Scarlett and hold her and get to know her sweet personality.

She loved Scarlett so much. She lit up when I brought her to visit.

Hug your grandparents tight. Look in their eyes. Listen closely to their stories. I wish I could go back to the last time I saw her (our family Christmas party) and just revel in her company. It's a comfort to know that she got some quality playtime and love from Scarlett that night. We gave her and Gramps a beautiful photograph of all the great grandbabies and she really loved it.

And the grandkids also did a nativity reenactment, which I know she really enjoyed. I'm happy that we were able to bring joy to her heart for Christmas.

It's sad to think about her not being with us here anymore, but I know its not goodbye. It's see you later.

I'll miss her so much until then.

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