Monday, January 9, 2012

digi-scrap stats: 2011

There's a trend out there right now of tabulating your 2011 Digi-Scrap stats, and picking your top 10 favorite pages of the year. And well, it just looked like a LOT of fun. So - here we go!

Pages Scrapped: 94
That's almost 8 a month. Not bad. But getting that close to 100 was just frustrating! So my goal for 2012 is to make it to 100 AT LEAST!

Pages Left Unfinished: 0
I'm NOT AT ALL the kind of scrapper who can leave a page un-done. I almost always finish a page in a sitting. Once in a blue moon (like right now, actually) I have to put a page on hold to finish later. But mostly I have to work on a page 'til it's done.

Pages Printed: 20
This one's embarrassing. I'm such a slacker when it comes to printing. But man, oh man, do I love looking at my printed pages. So my second goal for 2012 is to print a LOT more than that!! I just have to put aside a little money each month to do it, then it doesn't feel like such a huge splurge!

And my top ten favorites: This was very hard to narrow it down, but it was a ton of fun looking through all my pages from the year. In no particular order . . . (each image is clickable to see the full, credited version)

Have you done your 2011 Digi-Scrap stats? Link me up or post them here.

Who's with me to get to 100 pages in 2012?!


  1. They are all amazing, but I've got a fave! :) hehehehe! You talented, woman, you... You'll hit 100+, I just know it!

  2. You should look into They have a 200 page book of 11 by 11 for about 100 bucks. Every few months they have 50% sales. Their quality and binding are great!

  3. This would be fun to do...but I had a major EHD meltdown last fall and LOST just about all my pages I made in 2011 and several from before that. I was just about ready to print them into a book for my daughter too...(*sigh*). So, not only will I be playing "catch up", but "keep up"! =) LOVE your layouts, Britt, and congrats on getting so much accomplished in the same year as having a new little one!!

  4. That page of Scarlett with her Grammy is so precious! I'm sure it's much more meaningful now too. <3

  5. Your pages are just beautiful. One of my favorites in digi land!

  6. Love your year-end round up!!! 100 is too ambitious for me. I'll be happy if I have 52 by the end of this year.

    Happy 2012!!!

  7. You had me curious, so I went to look how many pages I did in 2011. There were 305 regular pages and 100 Project 365 pages. I'm wondering if I should scrap LESS. LOL

    Good luck with your goals!


  8. I have no idea how many pages I made, but sure there were a LOT! I printed 4 books this year and working in 8 more, 5 Disney and 3 regulars. Should I scrap less? no way I'm a full time scrapper LOL (OK in my free time only) BTW Love the layouts you picked! your Vinylmation LO is one of my faves and the colors in the toothy LOs are fab!

  9. Britt! I love them are a constant source of inspiration! My fav is that one of you telling the baby news! The photos are priceless! LOVE!

  10. Thanks for the inspiraion Britt!! Love the pages you chose to showcase!! I made my list too thanks to you!

  11. Blurb has a 12x12 photo book - really great prices. You could print one up each year. Love your blog & your scrap pages.


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