Friday, April 13, 2012

looking for this?

LOTS of you have emailed me asking where you can find "Classroom Cupid", "Ahoy Mateys" and all the other products I released at The Lily Pad during my guest spot there.

I'm pleased to tell you, I can now put them all in my shop. Hooray!! But before I get to all those products, let me show you what NEW item I have in the shop today:

"Admit One: Dates"

Here's the page I scrapped with these new dates:

Here's how the Britt Girls used them:

Fun, huh??

Ok - now for all those Lily Pad products that are now in my shop!!

"Ahoy Mateys"

"Hot Mess: Pirate Style"

"Clipped On"

"Classroom Cupid: Embellishments"

"Classroom Cupid: Papers"

"Scripted Romance"

"Black Glitter Alpha"

Alrighty - last, but definitely not least, the Show Offs.

Each Show Off will get my new "Admit One: Dates" as their gift this week!! Watch your email inboxes for them. (If you want to start Showing Off, read about how it all work here.)

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend! Signing off.


  1. YES! I have been waiting not-so-patiently for "Ahoy Mateys"! I love the "Admit One" tickets, they are so clever! Headed to the store now...

  2. I am loving these date tickets! Can't wait to use them! Thank you!


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