Sunday, April 22, 2012

scarlett's 1st birthday party

I'm soooo late in blogging about Scarlett's 1st birthday party!! Sorry. I have had this post on my to do list since the day after the party. I'm excited to share what we did, just haven't had a spare moment to sit down and get this all together!

We had a Jessie themed party. Josh has a MAJOR soft spot in his heart for Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. I don't know for sure, but it might be his favorite Disney character. Anyway - he has shared his love for Jessie with Scarlett so I decided a Jessie themed party would be just perfect!

Mama went a little nuts on Scarlett's outfit. A Jessie hat was a MUST. But - big problem - there aren't any baby-sized Jessie hats out there. And I didn't want to spend much on it either. My solution: I found this one on Amazon and added a white band (white elastic) and sewed white rope trim around the edges to make it into a perfect Jessie hat.)

Add a Jessie onesie & Jessie slipper boots I found at the Disney Store (I don't think they are available anymore), a cute Children's Place denim skirt I got as a hand-me-down, and cow print legwarmers from My Little Legs and our Jessie Baby birthday outfit was complete.

And adorable!!

We have a ton of family who live nearby, so we just invited family, but that was a LOT of people. Since our house is itty bitty and the weather wasn't nice enough yet for an outdoor party, my parents were kind enough to let us have her party at their place. Here are some pictures of the decorations! (Please ignore all my bad photos from the day of her party!! We didn't realized until AFTER the party my camera had a wonky setting the ENTIRE day. So, I basically ended up with junky photos of this special day - heartbreaking!!!)

The birthday banners! These were my favorite decoration by far! And not complicated to make. I just cut out fabric triangles and cut out felt letters (more time consuming than you might think!). Glued the letters on and sewed the triangles to some cute gingham ribbon.

I also put up Scarlett's weekly photos. People LOVED seeing these. Everyone stood around it picking their favorites, and oohing and ahhing at how much she's changed. It was a hit!

Can't find that yellow & red grid pattern fabric like Woody's shirt? I couldn't either!! So, I bought plain yellow fabric and whipped out a yard stick and a red Sharpie! Minutes later - perfectly cute yellow Jessie/Woody fabric.

As you can see, we had balloons all over the place. I found cowprint balloons at Zurchers (perfect!). We had a cute bunch with a GIANT mylar '1' (which is still floating in our house a month later!!) tied to the birthday girl's high chair.

Mini hay bales (found at Michaels) and our Toy Story pals made adorable decorations.

(We borrowed all the Toy Story toys from family memebers other than Jessie. She's ours.)

The "Watering Hole" where all the drinks were found.

Water, IBC Rootbeer, IBC Cherry Limade (because it was the right color! haha!) And adorable Disney apple juice for the little-uns. And a giant thing of lemondade. Yeah - I sort of overestimated how much liquid refreshment we would need. We had WAY too much!

The water bottle labels made me SO happy! They still make me smile looking at this picture. They just made the waters SO CUTE!!

I saw lots of people online making adorable Jessie Hat cookies. Mine did not turn out very cute. In fact, I almost didn't even put them out, they were so ugly. But I spent so much time on them I just put them out anyway. If I would have spent hours piping them they would have been much cuter but I was already annoyed at how ugly they were and totally impatient. Blech.

Bullseye was spotted munching on cheetos (if you've seen Toy Story 2, you'll get that joke! haha!!)

I even gussied up the cutlery!

Without even asking, my Dad dressed up in full cowboy gear. And when I saw him outside manning the grill (we had burgers - easy and YUMMY), I about died laughing. It was the perfect scene.

Oh, and I should mention that Josh got super crazy sick the day of the party. Like, he was barely able to put on a happy face and enjoy the fun he was so sick. I felt AWFUL and the timing could NOT have been worse. I owe a GIGANTIC thank you to the women in my family for helping me get decorated and actually execute the party. Josh thanks you too! I could not have done it without you!

We had coloring pages out (found free ones online & printed them out) for all the little ones to color while people arrived and we cooked the burgers.

And - probably the most fun thing we did at the party - the PHOTO BOOTH.

It seems like every party you see on blogs and Pinterest these days has a Photo Booth, and now I know why! They are a BLAST!! It was so fun to get to chat & laugh with everyone who came the party as I took their pictures. Plus I had hilarious and adorable photos to slide in with their thank you cards later!! I told Josh I want to do a Photo Booth at every party I throw from now on. It was a big hit!!

We also played two quick games with the kids. First up - "There's a Snake In My Boot".

Basically we just threw little plastic snakes into a cowboy boot. If you got one in, you got a gummy snake (aka gummy worms). You can see that all the kids from 3 to 13 played. We just had the bigger kids stand back further. It was simple, silly & fun.

Then we played "Pin The Tail on Bullseye".

Free printable poster and tail pattern from DisneyFamily Fun. Easy peasy! Gotta love that!!

Then we did presents . . .

Daddy surprised us both with two awesome Octonauts books!

Big slide play thing from Mommy & Daddy!

She LOVES this slide! (patting ourselves on the back!)

And last, but not least, we did cake! Ahh, the CAKE!! I wish sooooooooo much I had a better photo of Scarlett's cake. I absolutely ADORE how it came out, but all my photos are just awful. (I'm really sick about my dumb photos, can you tell?) Anyway - her cake was just too cute! Not too hard for mama to make either!

Another photo oversight - I didn't get a good photo of her adorable cake smash outfit. (Yes, she had a 2nd outfit, just for the cake smash.) I basically made her a pillow case dress out of bandanas. It was so easy because all the edges are pre-finishd and it turned out soooo cute. I'll dress her up in it again and snap some photos so I can post more pics and maybe a quick tutorial another time. It turned out sooo cute.

Scarlett's little cake smash cake matched her big cake. By this time, the poor birthday girl was EXHAUSTED. She had fun for a little while.

But once she started getting too messy, and accidentally rubbed frosting in her face, she was D O N E!!! We should have stopped while we were ahead.

We tried to get her to enjoy it, but she wasn't having it. Time for some milk and a nap!

Poor girl. We really pushed her to her limit.

As our guests left, there were party favors for the kids - little, fun, inexpensive, western themed gifts wrapped in a bandana. And a Cowgirl Cookie jar (thanks to Bakerella's recipe) for each family.

I was so inspired by many others who shared their own Jessie, Toy Story, or Cowgirl parties online. I wish I could thank everyone who took the time to share the pictures from their own parties. I was a google searching, Pinterest scouring fool as I was planning Scarlett's party. I would absolutely love it if my party helped someone else create a Jessie themed party of their own. Feel free to link to this post, facebook it, and of course PIN IT!!! The more people who are planning a Jessie or Woody party that can find this post, the better!! Gotta pass it on.

Yeah, so my family pretty much teased me about going WAYYYY overboard on this party all day long. And I know, I know. I did go a little crazy. But, hey! I've been waiting to throw a birthday party for my baby for a lonnnnnggg time. So - I did it BIG. haha. And I had so much fun planning and crafting and getting every little thing ready. Josh and I joke that after the baby went to bed, I pretty much didn't see him for two weeks prior to the party. I swear all I did was PARTY stuff. But it was a VERY happy, VERY fun day and everyone had a wonderful time. That makes it all worth it.

(Our shirts were from a group trip to Disneyland we took years ago. The morning of the party, Josh had the genius idea to wear them! So perfect!)

Scarlett can always look back at the photos of her awesome Jessie party and know how crazy her mama was . . .

. . . crazy about HER!


  1. OMG Britt. I love Scarlett's last picture! The party looks so cute.
    The photo booth pictures cracked me up!

  2. That last pic is SOOO adorable! Thanks for sharing this--love your ideas!

  3. Britt!!! I LOVE it all!!!! Bravo!!!! What a great party and you will treasure these memories forever. I know you are bummed about your pics, but I think they are still reallky great! You got good ones so don't beat yourself up. There's always next year to outdo yourself again. Haha. Welcome to the birthday party circuit! Love it!

  4. Wow Britt, it looks like an awesome party!! I LOVE the photo booth too, how fun!! I agree with Paige, I think your pics look great. :)

  5. I don't even know where to start! Love it all! I really love her cake and all the details! I also laughed when I saw that she had a cute hair bow w/ the cake smash outfit. Of course she did! She always has cute hair dos & accessories! Happy Birthday Scarlett!

  6. Of course you went overboard! You are a creative scrappy person who loves to make themed kits let alone themed parties. :) As long as you love it (and she loves it when she's older), that's all that matters. :)

    Great party and great pics (despite how much you don't like them, I guess). I can't get over how cute Scarlett is with her big baby cheeks. :)

    I am ALREADY planning a big extravaganza for Eliana, and her bday is still 4 months away! *lol* I've been scouring Pinterest for all things rainbow since last winter, and I can't wait to actually get started in a couple months.


  7. So very very adorable! You did an awesome job on the party...congrats!

  8. Wow, what a great party. I can see how much time and effort you put into the planning! Don't get down about your pics. The ones you shared looked great. Your pics of the photo booth and Scarlett are cute. . . . You even made a banner for the cake. Too cute!

  9. INCREDIBLE! And I would expect nothing less. What a lucky little lady!

  10. You need to make that up into a little book for her to look at over and over and over so she can remember her happy day too. Loved it. This girl has some serious talent! And I'd like to say it came from me. Rats! Can't!

  11. Ok, I think you're being too hard on yourself on the pics. Maybe they're not as perfect as you'd like, but they really tell the story and record the memories, and that's the main thing.

    And what a perfectly adorable party! You definitely outdid yourself (and set the bar high for her upcoming birthdays). If/when DH and I ever manage to have kids you've given me some ideas, lol. DH may hate me. :)

    Your Scarlett gets prettier with every photo I see, Britt. She's such a gorgeous little girl.

  12. Holy HORSESHOES! Could she get any cuter??? That last photo of Scarlett hugging Jessie is PRICELESS! Great job on the party!!!

  13. WOW! That's all I can say, WOW! You did a fabulous job, it's all so cute and clever! The photos are good too, I just think we imagine what it should look like but I think these were great. Good job Mom!

  14. Oh my word! Disney should seriously use pictures of Scarlett for their advertising! She just couldn't be any cuter!! I absolutely loved your photo booth idea too. What wonderful pics you captured. I think your pictures turned out great - Even the ones you didn't like were wonderful! Awesome job on the party! Thanks for sharing too!

  15. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  16. Wow!!! What a fun day you guys had. I love the themeing, it's awesome. Everything looks so perfectly done. You've given me some great ideas for Mollie's first birthday party.

    You will have a blast scrapping all of those pics! :-) What a little cutie Scarlett is too. Well done!!!

  17. Britt-I can't believe Scarlett is one! Thank you for sharing your amazing birthday party with us. I am seriously hoping you think about creating some HYBRID projects kits or a "Jessie" kit in honor of this amazing party! You did an amazing job with the party and with your beautiful family!

  18. That party is adorable! What a lucky girl Scarlett is to have a mom like you! Happy Birthday to Scarlett!

  19. Yay! A birthday post! It was seriously the cutest party! The details you put into it were just amazing! Soooo glad we were here to celebrate her special day! And I think the pics did not turn out so bad! :)

  20. so, so, so much fun! you are a great mom--now I totally want to steal all your ideas for when my ds turns 1 in ten months LOL!

  21. SERIOUSLY.... this party is so cute! Her outfit is TO DIE FOR. I love it. The cheetos had me giggling, and I loved all the decor stuff!!!! My niece is obsessed with Toy Story and she turns 2 in August... totally might have to steal some of your ideas!!! Awesome job!

  22. BRITT!!! You did such a great job! I'm so glad I have a friend that goes crazy over birthdays too. They are important and just too fun not to :)

    Okay so I loved everything about this party Britt. It's so adorable. Scarlet looked cute as can be and your decorations were awesome! I'm so glad you did a photo booth because they are so much fun! Even though you didn't love how your cookies turned out I thought they were cute and it's the thought that counts right? I love your dad! He is so adorable! Your games were perfect and your cake was super cute! Awesome job Britt!

  23. Britt,
    Thank you for sharing! Scarlett is seriously the cutest little girl EVER, She could not be any more adorable all dolled up as Jessie. Her party looked PERFECT! Loved all the ideas,decorations, and I thought your photos captured the love you and Josh have for her. What a lucky little girl. And the last picture,what can I say? Melts my heart!

  24. I really love how you made the party. Your baby looks so happy and enjoyed every moment.

  25. She is georgous!!! I love her hair... my baby needs some. LOL You are super mom and you are total one of my heros! She is a lucky girl to have you. Thanks for sharing your fun party your amazing.

  26. Such a cute party! My 2 year old is having a Jessie & Woody's Roundup party and you have given me so much inspiration! Did you make the Watering Hole and Photo booth signs yourself or are they from a website?

    Thanks so much!
    Amanda Woods

  27. this is the BEST Jessie/Toy Story party I've ever seen! I've been looking desperately for something girly and something cowgirl/Jessie themed. This is so perfect. I'm so inspired! And clearly, you are a scrapbooker ;)

  28. This was so incredibly CUTE! I love it all. My daughter loves Jessie so I was thinking of doing a Jessie themed for her 2nd bday. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. My favorite was the photo booth. By the way your daughter is gorgeous.


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