Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

What?!! The last time I did a Wordless Wednesday post was last September??! Is that possible? Well, I'm LONG overdue!

Here are some photos from Scarlett's first trip to Disneyland (Nov 2011). Meeting Jessie for the first time. (Jessie is Josh's favorite character, so of course this was a BIG moment!)

(click any image to enlarge)

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Focused on the Magic

Oh & sorry about the little copyright watermark. I hope its not too intrusive in your enjoyment of the photos. Any pictures of Scarlett I post from here on out will have to have a watermark. I recently had an online baby-related company steal a photo off my blog and use it to promote their memorial day sale. It was a pretty horrifying & infuriating situation. We still want to share our lives (and our beautiful baby) with you. We'll just watermark our photos so people will have no problem identifying where these photos come from.



  1. I can't believe someone stole a picture of your baby!!! Freak!!! At least you know they stole it cause she's adorable and steal worthy!!! ;)

  2. She's so tiny... that's adorable. Won't it be fun now to keep visiting Disney through the years and watch her grow in comparison to the characters?

    Very cute pix, thanks for sharing :)

    Colorado Mountain Mom

  3. Welcome back, we missed you! Oh how adorable your little baby is! What a beautiful family you have.

    It's so sad that everything has to be watermarked now. I'm glad you caught the creeps. Shame on them!

  4. Look how tiny she is! Such a cute moment. And what the crap!!! People are stilling your photos? I'd be irate to say the least. How did you find out about it? Did you get them to remove the photo?

  5. I keep checking your blog to see if you were going to release some new Cars stuff today in honor of Cars Lane opening! hahahaha Maybe you'll have to go and get some "inspiration" and do a 2nd kit like you did with Mermaid Lagoon. :) I keep reading all the press and news and I can't wait to go to Radiator Springs! I bet you can't either!!! xoxo :)

  6. Car LAND not Lane... stupid typos.

  7. Omgosh, what company so we know to never support them? ! That's horrible!

    Adorable pictures!


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