Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scraplift Challenge "Quick-Fire" Style

Ok - who loves Top Chef? I do! I do! Even though it makes me really hungry and slightly depressed over my own lack luster cuisine, I gotta say, that show is great!

This morning we're going to a "Quickfire Challenge". Now - unlike the chefs, you have more than 30 minutes!! In fact, you have until midnight tomorrow to complete your dish layout.

The challenge is to Scraplift a layout from the Britt Girls Gallery!! Last I checked there were nearl 1,200 layouts in that gallery to choose from.


- Scraplift a layout from the Britt Girls Gallery
- Post your layout in the Britt-ish Designs Gallery
- Be sure to credit the original layout where you took your inspiration
- Come back and post a link to your layout here in this thread.

I will draw one lucky winner AND my Britt Girls will all vote and pick 1 favorite layout. Both winners will win 1 free kit of their choice off their Britt-ish Designs wishlist.

I chose to lift Mary's (aka plumdumpling's) "Book Picnic" layout (and BTW I totally want to go on a Book Picnic):

Here is my lift:

[click here for credits]

Who will you lift? I can't wait to see those entries. Good luck on your Quickfire Challenge!


  1. Hey - that's my layout! I love your take on it! The elements are just perfectly placed and those wire words are awesome!

  2. Ooh I love this! I always find inspiration from your team :) be back soon!

  3. super fun! loving all the exciting events going on this "birthday weekend"! :)

    here's my LO -

  4. Here's my link:

    Thanks to Tanya for inspiring me and thanks Britt for the beautiful kit "A Time to Remember"! I'm using this page for a Disney photo book cover!

  5. Thanks for the Challenge.
    Here is my link:

    I scraplifted TanyaH666's Brave LO. I loved her diagonal pictures that really "burst" out of the background

  6. I LOVE Scraplilft challenges! I lifted Quiltymom's Goofy layout and here is mine:

  7. Great idea, I loves scraplifts! I lifted Britt's LO called Jingle (all the way)
    Here's mine!

  8. OK here is mine! I knew in an instant I was going to find one of Melissa's layouts because of her clean style that I have always loved. I'm unashamed that I lifted 100% of it! LOL

  9. Here is my lift!!! I chose Melissa because I LOVE HER! She is my favorite Britt Girl!!! I love the way she embellishes and she always has such amazing pictures!!! I lifted her LO titled "A Tisket, a Tasket..."

  10. I had about 5 layouts I wanted to lift but I had Brave photos ready to go so I picked Kendallt's layout. Here's my layout:

  11. I'll play :)
    here is my LO

  12. What a fun challenge!! Here's my page:

    I lifted 'pure Magic' from Roxxygerlie

  13. I LOVE scraplifting!

    I lifted from yzerbear19's layout "Flik's Flyers" that can be found here:

    Here's my lift- I love how it came out!

    Thanks for the fun challenge Britt!

  14. Thanks for the fun!

    Here's mine...

    I scraplifted Tanya's P365 Week 41.

  15. I scraplifted your Jammin' Jungle Parade layout. I've been meaning to scraplift it for soooo long since it was actually falling in love with that very layout that made me discover Mousescrappers and the digital scrap booking world... So I've been putting it off for a while but here is my take on it

    Thanks for the fun challenge as always Britt!!

  16. I lifted What A Face by CamiJo (

    I'm having problems getting my Gallery activation email, so I posted at here:

    will post to Britt's gallery as soon as I can.

  17. Got my activitation code, so here's the link at Britt's gallery for the post above.

  18. So fun! But, of course I had to buy a new Britt kit to do my scrapping. :)

    I scraplifted "Bathing Beauty" by becca1976. You can see the original at .

    And here is the layout I came up with: .

  19. Thanks for the fun weekend of challenges! Happy Birthday :)

    Here's my LO

    I scraplifted Snowdrop's Mickey Bar

  20. I know I am too late to qualify for the prize giveaway, but I wanted to post my page anyway since I did start it last night, but couldn't finish until this morning and I really love how it came out.

    I lifted Melissa's Daddy's Girls page here:

    I was inspired by the bright pink colors, and it reminded me not to always just scrap Disney, but to actually scrap the kids lives too!

    here is my page:


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