Thursday, August 23, 2012

the daily digi

Hi guys!! Just wanted to let you know that I'm featured over on The Daily Digi today. You can see the kit that I contributed to The Digi Files. You can get it by joining The Digi Files this month. That way you get "Are We There Yet?" PLUS SIX MORE collections/kits all for just $7.50.

(Starting in September you can pick up this kit in my shop on its own.)

It cracked me up that Steph used "Don't Skimp" as the title to my feature page. She quoted me on my 'tip' but I have to say that "Don't Skimp" is probably a motto to not only my scrap asthetic, my design work, but also to my life!!! ha!! (having an aha moment here, Steph! thanks!!)

I know it seems like you've been reading a lot of "interviews" and "features" from me lately. But hopefully you'll enjoy reading this one. There's quite an extensive interview and you might learn something new about me that you didn't know before.

You can see how TDD's CT used "Are We There Yet?" on their team inspiration page.


  1. I love that kit!!! Will it be in your shop or is it only available through the Daily Digi?!?! Loved the article about you... you were always the best at design! I hated sitting next to you in our fashion class and computer classes! hahahah Only because my stuff looked incredibly horrid next to yours. You are a busy busy girl this weekend! I'm STOKED to participate in all the fun!!!

  2. Hi- scratch my comment. Apparently I need to READ before I comment! HAHAH I'm a nerdo. :)

  3. thanks for the link. I have been on the fence about doing a monthly payment for daily digi, but when I saw that you had a kit in it, I knew it was time


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