Friday, October 5, 2012

behind on everything!

Yes, this Show Off Slideshow is an entire week late. I postponed it a week since we went to Disneyland last week, but forgot to tell you guys!! I'm so sorry.

Yes, we went to Disneyland last week! It was a surprise for my brother for his 30th Birthday, so I couldn't post about it publicly (since it was a surprise and all). Hopefully you got to see some of my pictures on Instagram!

So, not only did I suddenly go MIA, I also missed Show Offs unexpectedly and haven't posted anything about the new Flashback for October. I'm just behind in EVERYTHING. I always struggle getting back to work after a Disney trip. But enough blabbing - here's the Show Off Slideshow!!

All of the Show Offs are getting a free Word Art pack of their choice from my shop. (Find out more about how to submit your work for Show Offs here.)

Our next Show Off Slideshow will be in 2 weeks. So adjust your schedules for that!! SORRY!

Yes, I will get the September Flashback winner posted. And yes, I will get the new October Flashback sale and challenge going. I'm forcing myself back into action!!!! We got home late Sunday night and here it is Friday already and I'm still dragging my feet. No more lazing around.

Oh and YES, I did bring back a souvenir from Disneyland for my "I Brought You a Souvenir Giveaway" tradition. I'll get that posted later today!!


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