Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Capturing Magic

Do you guys love podcasts?? I do! And I have to tell you about this very awesome brand new one and just came out today!! It's called "Capturing Magic".

The first 3 episodes of the show are on the site now. I believe right now you can only download the shows from the site, but they will be in the iTunes store sometime tomorrow. I think!

So, what's it all about? The podcast is part of a larger site called CapturingMagic.Me. It's about how we all record, capture and make magical Disney memories. Talk about RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! The site & podcast are hosted by Steph C (the same Steph from The Digi Show & The Daily Digi. She's legit!! And as big of a Disney nut as the rest of us! haha!)

And . . . eh hem. I think you ought to go listen right NOW because you'll definitely recognize the co-host of the show . . . eh hem.

Plus, make sure you start following the CapturingMagic.me blog. This past weekend they gave away two $50 prizes!!! WOW! COOL!

Oh & sign up for the newsletter too. I think that'll tell you when the show is in the iTunes store. And check out the team page. I think you'll see more than 1 familiar face!

I'm off to listen myself!!

And one last thought before I sign off . . . My thoughts and prayers are with all my fellow scrappers, customers, and friends on the East Coast who are being effected by Sandy. I pray you and your families are safe & sound. XOXO


  1. So stinking excited for you! I can't wait to listen to them. One more great show to entertain me while I work out and work :)

  2. Yay! I thought of you when I read Steph mentioning a co-host...can't wait to listen! Congrats!


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