Friday, November 2, 2012

DSD Speed Scrap

Hi everyone!! Are you all having a good DSD so far?

Well, the fun has just begun! There's a Speed Scrap starting at 7:00 pm MST TONIGHT!!

(6pm PST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST)

The instructions will be posted at the bottom of this post every 10 minutes starting at 7:00pm as well as my Facebook page!

Come chat live with us during the Speed Scrap at the MouseScrappers Chat Room.

[Special thanks to Carol and MouseScrappers for letting us borrow the chat room.]

Once I have given all 7 instructions during the first hour - you then only have 1 MORE HOUR to complete your page. Everyone who finishes ON TIME will get a prize. You HAVE to post your LO by 9:00 PM MST (that's 8pm PST / 10pm CST / 11pm EST) to get the prize. This is a TRUE speedy speed scrap!!! You gotta be quick to get the prize.


* You have to use at least 1 Britt-ish Designs item (even a little staple will suffice).
* Follow the 7 instructions given during the 1st hour of the Speed Scrap.
* You have to post it to the Britt-ish Designs Speed Scrap Gallery before time is up!
* You do NOT need to come back to link up in this post. <-- this is a change from previous speed scraps. Repeat: You DO NOT need to comment on this post to complete the Speed Scrap. * Comment on lots of your fellow Speed Scrappers' creations. Spread the love. If you follow the rules and have finished on time - you get this prize:

I'll be posting the 7 steps every 10 minutes starting at 11:00 MST here:

1) Pick 3 photos.
2) Pick a plethora of papers (you define what plethora means, but to me its somewhere around 5 or more).
3) I want to see at least 1 doodled or hand-drawn item (fonts do NOT count).
4) Add at least 1 word strip and make it touch one of your photos.
5) Add some curly string or curly ribbon.
6) Title your page with a cute alpha. Add an embellishment to the alpha.
7) Journal a little (or a lot). Make your font a color besides black or white. Add the date too.

Here's my page:


You now have 1 hour - YES only 1 hour!! - to finish up your layout & get it posted in the Britt-ish Designs Speed Scrap Gallery.


  1. Ok, Britt, I have now discovered that I am not a speed scrapper! *LOL* Going to bed now, but I will still finish and post tomorrow. Thank you for the fun!

    (Happy Mama)

  2. hey britt, where did you get that adorable baby eeyore?? Thanks for the bestest speed scrap, slightly tweeking my shadows, but overall love the layout I made!

  3. Bree - its from my "The Gang's All Here" pack of sticker. It was a past prize from a long time ago. It's not for sale or anything. Maybe I'll offer it in the 2nd Chance Show Off prizes next time I do one.


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