Thursday, November 1, 2012

Free Printable Autograph Book!

I created a free printable Autograph Book for CapturingMagic.Me newsletter subscribers! Yep - its emailed right to you for free when you sign up for their newsletter.

There are 20 pages ready to be printed and hauled off on your next Disney trip. Just send them to your favorite print lab and make 4x6 prints. Easy peasy. You can put them in a regular photo album and just take out the page you need signed. Or you could bind them together in a book. A simple spiral binding from Kinkos would work perfectly!

Steph (of Capturing Magic) actually loaded the autograph book onto her phone and iPad and had characters sign digitally! COOL, HUH?! You can read all about how that went, how she did it, and even watch some videos of the character interaction on the Capturing Magic blog.

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