Friday, February 22, 2013

Project Mouse - Leading Up To the Magic

Oh my goodness. Here we go again! Sahlin Studio and I have an all-new series of Project Mouse cards to release today. Are you ready???

Leading Up To the Magic

When does a Disney vacation really begin? For me, it happens long before I ever walk through a turnstile. That "magic before the trip" is what today's release is all about. All of today's products are here to help you record, document, and even MAKE memories leading up to the magic. And of course, they are all made to coordinate with "Project Mouse: Bundle No. 1"!

(Krista & I have more freebies for you too at the end of this post so make sure you read all the way to the end!)

Ok - lets get to the products!!!

"Project Mouse: Bundle No. 2 - Leading Up To The Magic"

Each pack is sold separately too:

"Project Mouse: Reveal/Countdown"

"Project Mouse: Planning"

"Project Mouse: On Our Way"

"Project Mouse: We're Here!"

I was so excited to dive in and use these card packs for myself!! As you know, I'm conducting a little "experiment" by trying to scrap my entire Sept 2012 Disneyland trip Pocket Style - and Project Mouse is DEFINITELY getting me there. Today's packs gave me the tools, inpiration and push I needed to scrap a big milestone that happened on this trip. Scarlett's FIRST plane ride:

Krista is still making serious ground on her hybrid pocket style album. I love that she's creating magic with her entire family BEFORE her trip even takes place - and documenting it all!

Is that fun, or what? LOVE her pages.

My Britt Girls scrapped such a WIDE variety of page themes and styles using the new Bundle 2 cards:

by Wendy

by Stacy

by Shantell

by Natasha

by Melissa

by Melinda

by Kelsy

by Julie

by Jan

by Fonnetta

by Denise

by Christie

by Chelle

by Alexis

by Justine

Make sure YOU come share your Project Mouse creations with us in the Project Mouse Flickr Group!! (And in my gallery of course too!)

Despite the Project Mouse madness - I haven't forgotten about Show Offs! Here is today's slideshow FULL of awesome layouts featuring Britt-ish Designs products:

If you were a Show Off this week, watch your email inboxes. You are all getting a free paper pack of your choice as your gift this week.

(find out more about Show Offs here)

One last thing before I go - there's the matter of those freebies I mentioned before! They are FREE for your personal-use only.


I hope you are all enjoying Project Mouse. I LOVE seeing those pocket style pages (both Disney and non-Disney alike) around digi-land! Keep up the amazing work and have a magical weekend (hopefully full of scrapping)!


  1. Thank you for the pointers! I'm loving Project Mouse!

  2. I have 2 previous disney trip to document and doing it PL style really felt like the way to go. Project Mouse convinced me of that : the 2 bundles are amazingly perfect !!! All I have to do now is get the hard drive where the pictures are filed out and start scrapping.
    Thanks for the cute freebies that match !

  3. These are awesome kits! I'm more of a hybrid scrapper and wanted to know the best way to layout the files to print 6 cards onto an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Any suggestions would be great!

  4. All of our cards come on 8.5 x 11 sheets to print out. But you can also lay out your own in photoshop or in Word to print out your own custom sheets. I believe Krista is working on a tutorial for this to post soon. She's doing hers hybrid too, so she's more of the expert on this!! I'll let you know when she posts that.

  5. Thank you! All of this is PERFECT since we just moved to Orlando. Yep, you read that right, we now LIVE in the middle of the magic. Picking up our annual passes tonight! :)

  6. oh lordy, what am i gonna do if you two ladies keep making such cute stuff every week! my husband is going to have a cow, but i've just gotta buy it! i'm glad he's a disney freak too so that maybe he'll understand in time, lol! thanks also for the sweet freebie!

  7. thank you for the pointers!! LOVE them!

  8. Love this! Can't wait to see what other surprises you have! Thank you.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I'm so glad you're doing this Brittney! I love your Disney stuff and this will make it so much easier to incorporate it into my digital PL albums. We're heading to Disney in the fall. I can not wait to make it official and have the excuse to buy these!

  10. These are absolutely adorable and so useful! Thank you very much!

  11. Love these. Thank you. I must save up and buy this whole kit too. I love it. Great work!

  12. Thanks so much! These are so cute!

  13. Hi. Where did the disney fonts come from? I looked around the website- just now buying the kits and I can't find them to add them into my purchase! :) Thank you!

  14. So cute - thank you for your generousity!

  15. Great idea for a Disney set - thank you so much for the matching freebie!

  16. wow. again.
    I love the fact that you thought about the planning and anticipation. This is a first - great job!

    I made summary pages of our WDW trip. These bundles just may push me to finish a real scrapbook! I <3 pocket scrapping!

  17. thank you very much. It's mervellous. I love it.

  18. Love them! I already purchased bundles 2 & 4! WHere can I get the character silhouette cards? Please let me know.

    1. Hi Lindsay! Sorry to say the freebie has been permanently retired. I am, however, working on a tutorial on how to make your own!! I'll come back and link up to that when its done and posted!! Thanks for your interest. xoxo


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