Friday, March 22, 2013

Project Mouse: A Day in the Park

Hello, everyone!! I'm so thrilled to have another set of Project Mouse products for you all. This is an exciting week of stuff, and definitely the BIGGEST release we've ever had. Krista and I went a little nuts and STUFFED the packs full. We just couldn't stop creating!!

"Project Mouse: Bundle No. 4 - A Day in the Park"

So this week's focus is "A Day in the Park". As you can see, we've got 3 new card packs and 1 giant awesome new word bit pack. (Oh & I've got a FREEBIE for you at the end of the post, you definitely don't want to miss this one!!)

In "Daily Documenting" Krista & I wanted to create journal cards that could capture and record all the day-to-day memories of a Disney vacation. In doing so, I also realized they are PERFECT for documenting your day-to-day regular everyday life as well! You'll see some of my Britt Girls layouts below who used the cards for Project Life layouts, anniversary celebrations, date night, and more!! This pack is SUPER versatile.

"Project Mouse: Daily Documenting"

The Daily Documenting cards would be SO AMAZING to print out and take with you on the trip. They are PACKED with journal prompts and ideas, interviews, and question forms. You and your kiddos could happily fill out journaling cards and record your whole trip. I can't WAIT to do that on our next trip!! Krista, the lucky duck, did this on her trip she just returned from!!

For "Rides & Attractions" we were inspired by all the fun and exciting time spent on rides and other attractions. These cards have the perfect saying, sentiment, journaling opportunities and excitement for scrapping ride photos and other ride memories.

(OH & these next two card packs are SO HUGE we had to make TWO previews for each pack - I told you we were out of control - in order to show you all the cards. One show the 3x4 cards and the second shows the 4x6s.)

"Project Mouse: Rides & Attractions"

I don't know about you, but one of my FAVORITE things about a Disney vacation (or any vacation for that matter) is . . . THE FOOD. Whether is grabbing a Mickey pretzel, or a big fancy Character Meal, our Project Mouse: Food pack covers it all. I know I want to remember all those yummy memories, and I'm guessing you do too!

"Project Mouse: Food"

Last but not least, we put together a GIANT word art pack with stickers, word strips, flairs, speech bubbles, and MORE. Everything you need when recording a "Day in the Park" to add extra interest and emphasis. Works amazing for both pocket style scrapbook pages AS WELL as traditional style layouts.

"Project Mouse: A Day in the Park Word Bits"

We've bundled everything together in Bundle No. 4 at a 29% savings! And, just like in past weeks each individual product is in the shop as well and will be 20% off through Sunday.

I created two pages this week! This first one is from one of my FAVORITE rides, and this memory of riding with my niece Ella for the first time was super special. She was just so in love with this ride, her face was so (tear jerkingly) sweet!!

And this second one is another SUPER magical little moment that happened with me, Scarlett & my brother on this trip. Thank goodness Josh had the camera and could snap these amazing photos.

(LOVE me accidental awesome sun flairs, don't you??) I recolored just three little items to add pops of neon green to coordinate with the photos. A 30 second adjustment that I think makes a big impact.

Alrighty folks, here are the Britt Girls' pages.

by Stacy

by Shantell

by Natasha

by Melissa

by Melinda

by Kelsy

by Kat

by Julie

by Jan

by Fonnetta

by Erica

by Denise

by Cami

by Alexis

As usual, my team knocked it out of the park. Thank you so much girls!

I think its time to move on to this week's Show Off Slideshow (to learn more about Showing Off, click here).

Thanks to everyone who sent in their work this week!! You're all getting a special alpha a WEEK BEFORE it comes out in the shop. Watch your email inboxes to get a first glimpse and a download link before anyone else (INCLUDING MY TEAM) has gotten it!

And, finally - the promised FREEBIE. I hate to seem like I'm patting myself on the back, but HOLY CRAP I LOVE THESE CARDS!!! ENJOY!


Aren't they amazing?!! BIG THANKS to my new pal Tim at Vintage Disneyland Tickets for lending me his scans of real vintage tickets from Disneyland. I'm sort of obsessed with Vintage Disneyland tickets, but sadly, I don't own any of my own. Sigh. Maybe someday. Anyway - thanks Tim!!

Be sure to stop over at Sahlin Studio's blog and get her new freebie too. It's AWESOME!

Have a spectacular weekend. I hope you've made time for some scrapping. TTFN.


  1. Britt - these are great -
    I totally need to plan a Disney trip just to scrap with Project Mouse! (and the freebies are Awesome - thank you)

  2. Wow! This is just so much! My brain is honestly spinning too fast with ideas for my June trip to DL! My husband is going to get annoyed with all my note taking. haha. Thank you for another awesome kit!

  3. OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVE this freebie. I do own some vintage tickets, and love them so much! Knowing how much those E Tickets were worth... and not wanting to get stuck with those boring ole A Tickets. I remember how exciting it was to get a Passport that was pinned to our shirts to ride ANY ride. I wish that I had THAT memorabilia still...

  4. Random question - where do you get your custom shirts printed? These are so cute and it would be great to make some darling shirts to go with all of the project mouse goodies, hehe!

  5. Oh, these are fabulous!!! Thank you so much!

  6. Love the vintage ticket cards - AWESOME job! Can't wait to find out who won on the FB pages - I'm waiting, otherwise I'm buying!! haha Great work once again - you never disappoint :)

  7. I LOVE the vintage tickets! I have some of these packed away somewhere that I was planning on scanning (someday) saved me the trouble! Thank you so much :)

  8. Andrea - I create the artwork for our shirts and then we have a local print shop here in town make them. I used to work for a screen printer doing artwork!

  9. Britt, thanks SO much for the freebie! I love these vintage Disney tickets...I have magnets of these I bought on one of our recent trips!

  10. Project Mouse is awesome! & the vintage tickets bring back wonderful memories of my first visits to DL many years ago! Thanks so much for the freebie!

  11. Awesome freebie....thanks so much!! And LOVE the inspiration posted here today!

  12. another great bundle, going to disneyland paris in may en wdw in october and have some disneyklandparis trip waiting to scrap, so i can use the project mouse a lot

  13. This bundle is so awesome!! I'm inspired to scrap more photos from my disney trip even though i thought I was done!

    I *think* I may even have some vintage Disney World tickets / maps from when I went as a kid! If I do - I'll scan and send them to you :)

    Thanks for sharing all of these awesome freebies.

  14. OMG! THANKS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for the E ticket cards! I read Vintage Disneyland Tickets too. I can't get over how many tickets he has....and his buddy actually used a book to get a ticket not long ago. CRAZY! THANKS

  15. Thank you for the awesome freebie!

  16. R U Kidding me?! I'm seriously lovin' the tickets! AWESOME!!!!

  17. Those tickets are fantastic, Britt. You deserve a hand!

  18. Thank you so much. I was at the Walt Disney Family museum yesterday here in SF and saw some signs and other items with the old tickets and was saying that I wish I had old tickets to scan. You have made my wish come true. Isn't Disney magic wonderful.

  19. Love all this! I have all the project mouse stuff (looking forward to a Disneyland trip in 2 months and can't wait to use them!) I love all your stuff! Gah!

    I'm new to the whole digital scrapbooking thing and its taken me by storm.

  20. So love these! My dad went mega-ages ago so he must have had these and even older and I would have loved to have them but am now perfectly happy with these :-D Thank you very much!

  21. Thank you so much! Love vintage ephemera- esp. Disneyland! These rock!

  22. Oh my gosh I love these! I remember those letter tickets from Disneyland as a kid. Thanks for sharing them and bringing back such fond memories!!!

  23. Awesome tags. I just found your blog from Pinterest. You have some really different tags and stuff here. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  24. How bad is it that I remember those? I was 4 years old when they were still using them, so 1979ish. Fab stuff and I love all your PM stuff, even thou I am not a digi-scrapper, I just print them out. Thanks for your awesome stuff!

  25. these are awesome ! thank you so much ! I share the link here : and there :


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