Friday, May 24, 2013

Project Mouse: Days & Washi Tape!

YAY! HOORAY!! I've got new Project Mouse products to release today!!!!

I'm super excited to present the latest installment of Project Mouse. Krista & I were discussing how we both wanted "Day" cards, to signify which day of the vacation these particular photos were taken. As we talked about it, we realized how perfect these would be for Project Life stuff, ANY type of vacation or special event. So we made the numbers all go up to 31 so you can use them for WHATEVER you dream up!

"Project Mouse (Days): Cards"

"Project Mouse (Days): Bits"

"Project Mouse: Washi Tape"

Yes, we put together an entire pack of one of Krista & my FAVORITE type of embellishments!! WASHI TAPE. We LOVE IT and had to have an entire pack of Project Mouse core color tapes.

So, you can buy each product individually (they are all 20% off through Sunday!) or . . . . all of today's new products are bundled together at a 30% savings!

"Project Mouse: Days & Washi Tape BUNDLE"

Check out what my fantastic team scrapped with all the new stuff!!

by Krista

by Chelle

by Christie

by Denise

by Jenn

by Julie

by Justine

by Kelsy

by Erica

by Fonnetta

by Jan

by Melissa

by Sarah

by Shantell

by Wendy

Beautiful stuff, right?? And last but not least its time for SHOW OFFS!!! We took an accidental hiatus, but I'm determined to get back on schedule with Show Offs. Thanks for being patient with me.

If you'd like to learn more about Showing Off - read THIS.

And that does it for today's post. I hope you like the new products and have a very happy holiday weekend.


  1. Thank you!! These are great! Can't wait to have some time during summer break to get my books done...
    Are you and Kristen considering doing any holiday or other theme type PM kits?? maybe like...MNSSHP or Christmas time...hint hint :)

  2. Hi! I am excited to look thru all of your cute disney stuff! We are going in the fall and this will be such a big help! What digital layouts did you use to drop your stuff into? Would love to know :)!


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