Friday, June 21, 2013

Cars Rule!

FINALLY!!! I have a new kit! It's been SOOOO so long! But I'm VERY excited about my new kit. It's something I've received MANY many requests for over the past year. I hope you all like it. Here we go . . .

"Cars Rule"

And of course, I'm pretty obsessed with pocket style scrapping these days, so I had to make a coordinating set of cards too!

"Card Collection: Cars Rule"

Obviously I was inspired by the new Cars Land at Disney California Adventure! But the awesome thing about this kit is that it works for so much more!! You'll see what I mean in the Britt Girls layouts below. It's just perfect for scrapping a first car, your little guys car collection, road trips, ANYTHING car related!

Also new in the shop today:

"Brilliantly Basic Alpha"

This was the Show Off gift last week (they all got it before you could buy it). But its in the shop now!! It's basic and versatile, and it even works with the new Cars Rule stuff!!

Ok . . . let me show you some layouts. Here's what I scrapped!!

And more from my Britt Girls:

by Becca

by Bre

by Cami

by Fonnetta

by Julie

by Justine

by Kelsy

by Melissa

by Natasha

by Wendy

Thanks so much to my Britt Girls for creating such beautiful stuff! I love seeing their pages - I hope you all do too!!

Now I can take a deep breath!! It's been a CRAZY month and I feel like I've been totally MIA in the world of scrapping. But it feels like a mini-accomplishment to finally have a new kit done and out there. I hope you all like it!!

Have a wonderful weekend. I can't wait to see what you guys start creating with "Cars Rule"! I hope you'll post in my gallery and send in your work to the Show Offs!! Ta ta for now!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Friday, June 14, 2013

Show Offs!

HELLO! I know, I've been totally MIA the past little while. I guess I just blame the time of year. We've been busy busy busy. Not to mention a failed potty training attempt, passing around a cold, and other 'fun' stuff. I think I'll be taking a very low key approach to work this summer. But that's not to say there won't be new products!! I've got a brand new kit coming very soon that I KNOW is going to make lots of you super happy!!

ANYWAY - let's get to the matter at hand today. The Show Off Slideshow:

All of today's Show Offs received an exclusive gift that won't be in stores for a couple weeks! I hope you all like it!!

If you'd like to learn more about Showing Off - read THIS.

Have a happy weekend!! As usual, ours is already JAM-PACKED!! But its full of fun things, so I can't complain. TTFN!

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