Friday, February 20, 2015

Project Mouse: SouvenEARS

Hip hip hooray! It's finally Friday. I'm so excited to be releasing a new product from Project Mouse. It's been SO LONG! This new edition is called "Project Mouse: SouvenEARS". I have to give full credit for the idea to our wonderful and talented Krista Sahlin. She said, "How about a kit to scrap all our Disney shopping, souvenir, ear hats, pin trading, all the magical keepsakes." Umm YES! Great idea, right?!

"Project Mouse (SouvenEARS): Bundle"

The bundle is pre-discounted 35% off the individual packs. But everything is sold on its own, and the individual packs are marked down 20% through the weekend only.

"Project Mouse (SouvenEARS): Cards"

"Project Mouse (SouvenEARS): Elements"

"Project Mouse (SouvenEARS): Papers"

"Project Mouse (SouvenEARS): Word Bits"

Make sure to read all the way through today's post and pick up our coordinating freebies! (Yes, freebieS - plural!)

Here is the page I created WHILE we were making this collection. I used it as a jumping off point for lots of ideas. This was Gia's first trip to Disneyland last year, and hence her FIRST EARS!! A big moment in my book! Plus, we each always get to buy "one thing" on our trips. We call it our "one thing" and we look for it the whole trip and usually buy it on the last day. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to document our "one thing" from this last trip!

One more from me from our 2012 trip! No souvenir pics here, but it still works!

And some amazing Britt Girls creations:

by Krista

by Denise

by Fonnetta

by Heather

by Jan

by Julie

by Justine

by Kelsy

by Melinda

by Natasha

by Wendy

by Melissa

by Cami

by Kat

by Miki (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Amber (Sahlin Studio Team)

Good stuff, huh? I have a feeling I'm going to be going back to this kit a LOT when I'm scrapping with Project Mouse!

One last thing: Don't leave without downloading your FREEBIES!! Here is mine:


And be sure to stop by Krista Sahlin's blog to get her freebie too!

And that's it for today. Happy scrapping!! xoxo

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

get excited for friday!

FINALLY!! Something new from Project Mouse!

See ya Friday. xoxo

Sunday, February 15, 2015

XOXO From Me To You

Hi guys!! I just wanted to pop in and give you all a little Valentine's Day gifty. I was working on my Week 07 MYIP pages today and I needed a card that said "Our NOT SO Fabulous Valentine's Day" so I HAD to make one. Then I decided to make a couple cards and share them you guys - one for fabulous Valentine's Days and one for NOT SO fabulous ones!


We have sick sick sick kiddies right now - which made for a NOT SO fabulous Valentine's Day. Our all our fun family plans for the day went out the window. We are hoping they turn a corner and start feeling better VERY SOON!

Here are my Week 07 pages (you can click the images to zoom in):

I used my latest "My Year In Pockets (February 2015): Bundle" for these pages. You may have noticed that I changed my title card style. I did that last week! I realized, 6 weeks in, that I need to change it up. I had used the same style for all of 2014 and I was getting bored of it. I'm trying this new "brushed" style for 2015! What do you think? That's the great thing about digital though - you can totally change your mind!

I'm happy to report that I'm 100% current on MYIP 2015! Still catching up on 2014, but I'll get there. In fact, as soon as I finish writing this, I'm going to work on another week of 2014.

Enjoy the freebie my friends! And Happy Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 6, 2015

My Year In Pockets - February 2015

Hi everyone!! Can you believe its already February? My January FLEW by! Did yours?

A new month means NEW My Year In Pockets products! If you're already a subscriber, you should have an email in your inbox from me with links and codes to get your new February goodies, your February newsletter AND your subscriber gift for this month. If you didn't get the email for some reason, let me know! You can reach me the quickest by emailing me at designerbrittney at gmail dot com.

Not a subscriber yet? Read what I wrote about the adventure that is "My Year In Pockets" and it will all start to make sense (hopefully!). Subscribers get ALL the MYIP products I release during 2015. So even if you sign up now, you'll get everything from January as well. So - you really can sign up ANY time and still get ALL the goods to create your 2015 book.

Ok - on to the new release!! I'm so excited to reveal MYIP's February collection . . . (keep in mind - if you're not going to jump in and do the year-long subscription, all of the products are in the store individually or in the bundle - just like usual)

"My Year In Pockets (February 2015): Bundle"

"My Year In Pockets (February 2015): Cards"

"My Year In Pockets (February 2015): Embellishments"

"My Year In Pockets (February 2015): Papers"

"My Year In Pockets (February 2015): Alpha"

I am very happy to report, that with the help and inspiration of My Year In Pockets, I am current on my 2015 book. All of January is scrapped and DONE. AND I'm making great progress catching up on 2014. I'm already to August and I'm still cruising along.

Check out what my team scrapped with the new goods:

by Kelsy

by Fonnetta

by Denise

by Natasha

by Krista

by Erica

by Jan

by Julie

by Melinda

by Kat

by Justine

by Melissa

by Cami

by Christie

If you have any questions about My Year In Pockets, PLEASE leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer.

So far we are having a GREAT time scrapping, sharing, and helping each other in the MYIP Subscriber's Forum. If you want to scrap your 2015 and actually FINISH and accomplish something amazing this year, I really have to recommend investing in the year-long membership. I can't speak for the other MYIP subscribers, but already I can see how its becoming a driving force in helping me stay current and be intentional about my memory keeping this year.

I'll give you a little peek at just one of the perks of being a MYIP Subscriber. All the subscribers received this gift in their February newsletter . . .

It's not available in the shop - its just for the MYIP peeps. Cute huh? I LOVE Wood Veneer embellishments. I use them a LOT.

Ok - enough with this post. Now off you go! Get your weeks into pockets.

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