Friday, March 6, 2015

My Year In Pockets: March 2015

Hey there! I'm so so excited that it's March and that it's time for new MYIP products!! If you're already a MYIP Subscriber, you should have an email in your inbox from me with your codes and links to get your spiffy new March bundle, freebies, and newsletter!! If you don't have the email, let me know and we'll get you fixed up!

Not a subscriber yet? Read all about the adventure that is "My Year In Pockets" and it will all start to make sense (hopefully!). Subscribers get ALL the MYIP products I release during 2015. So even if you sign up now, you'll get everything from January & February as well. So - you really can sign up ANY time during 2015 and still get ALL the goods to create your 2015 book.

Ok, ok, ok. On with the show!! This month's new bundle!! All of the bundles are sold separately, not just for subscribers, and each individual product inside the bundle is for sale as well.

"My Year In Pockets (March 2015): Bundle

"My Year In Pockets (March 2015): Cards"

"My Year In Pockets (March 2015): Embellishments"

"My Year In Pockets (March 2015): Papers"

"My Year In Pockets (March 2015): Alpha"

Here are the MYIP pages I scrapped with the new collection - Week 09. I actually ended up creating so many custom cards, and changing things around so much, I realize it doesn't really show off how colorful and FUN this collection really is!! OOPS! Oh well . . . here they are anyway.

However, my creative team's layouts DO show off this kit. So let's take a closer look at their work:

by Denise

by Wendy

by Natasha

by Kelsy

by Justine

by Shantell

by Julie

by Erica

by Jan

by Melissa

by Fonnetta

by Melinda

by Cami

by Christie

Pretty great, huh?

If you have any questions about My Year In Pockets, PLEASE leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer. We are all working hard on scrapping our weekly pocket pages and I think the support of the group, and the inspiration of new products each month has us all motivated to keep going and complete our 2015 books.

I'll give you a peek at one of the perks of being a MYIP Subscriber. All the subscribers got this as their monthly gift in their March newsletter:

I use these types of vellum words on my pages a LOT. Now that I said that you'll probably notice them on almost every page. So I decided to make a bunch for my MYIP peeps. They aren't in stores or available anywhere else. Just for subscribers.

Alrighty - hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of fun and of course - SCRAPPING!! Gotta get those memories into pockets! Ta ta.


  1. I just found out about your products. How in the world did I miss them? I love them! I'm an avid Project Life/pocket page scrapper, and I thought I knew about most of the PL-style designers. I have two questions about your templates. I. Do the templates have a drop shadow on the places for photos/cards? I'm used to using Becky Higgins' templates, which have a 120 degree shadow. I don't think I see a shadow on your templates. 2. How big is the margin? Thank you!

    1. They do have a shadow style, and I always use -45 degrees. But they are on a global shadow style, so one change to your preference will change every shadow.

      And the margin is .4 inches. It's the margin I use on my own pages when printing Shutterfly books. But again, easy to adjust to your personal preference.

      Glad you found me!! Let me know if you have any other questions!

    2. Thanks, Brittney! I've always done rounded corners because I started with Becky Higgins' templates, but next year I'm switching to square. I've been on the lookout for squared-corner templates I like. Yours are way above the others I've found. In the meantime I will be buying your monthly kits. =)


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