Friday, May 29, 2015

Project Mouse | Adventure

I'm so very excited to release yet another edition of our beloved Project Mouse!! Krista & I say every time we work on a collection that we have more fun working on Project Mouse than anything else we design. It takes much more research, thought, time and energy but it's worth it because it's just so rewarding! Disney is a huge passion for both of us, and creating our own families' Disney scrapbooks using Project Mouse brings us so much joy!

Introducing . . .

"Project Mouse (Adventure): Bundle"

The bundle is priced 30% cheaper than buying each pack individually. So, as always, the bundle is definitely your best value. With that said, the individual products are always available as well! They are marked down 20% through Sunday.

"Project Mouse (Adventure): Cards"

"Project Mouse (Adventure): Elements"

"Project Mouse (Adventure): Photo Overlays"

"Project Mouse (Adventure): Word Snips"

"Project Mouse (Adventure): Papers"

Obviously Krista and I were inspired by Adventureland!! I love this area of the parks. The Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Aladdin & Jasmine, shopping in the Bazaar, the Dole Whips . . . mmmm.

(Psst . . . be sure to read through to the VERY end of this post for a fun new Character Silhouette FREEBIE!!)

Here are the pages I scrapped with this collection!! I'm so happy with how they turned out. I love that I've made two pages and there are still SO many things in the kit I'm dying to use on future layouts!

And here are the stunning creations from Krista Sahlin herself, and the rest of my team:

by Krista

(If you can zoom in and read Krista's amazing story of being picked as the Magic Family at Disneyland, it's pretty awesome!!)

by Fonnetta

by Wendy

by Melinda

by Heather

by Kelsy

by Erica

by Justine

by Becca

by Cami

by Jan

by Julie

by Fonnetta

by Melissa

by Cindy (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Susanne (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Stephanie (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Rachel (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Miki (Sahlin Studio Team)

Whew!! Is your scrolling finger tired?? I'm ready to wrap this up, but first, here's that freebie I promised!

(click image to download)

ENJOY!! Just a little gift from one Disney nut to another. XOXO

Friday, May 8, 2015

NSD Winners!

Ok - we've got some winners to announce. First up - our One Little Spark Challenge. Our first randomly selected winner of a $10 Gift Certificate is . . .

lindseylou and her "Alice & the Mad Hatter" layout:

And my favorite entry (you guys made this such a hard choice!) goes to . . .

Therapy97 and her "You're Mad" layout:

Enjoy your GC's, ladies!! I just emailed them to you, so check your inbox.

Ok, one last winner. This one is for my "I Brought You Back a Souvenir" giveaway, and you are all going to wish you entered this!!

While I was at Disneyland I kept thinking about what to get for this and it wasn't until we were walking out of the park that inspiration struck!! I found the PERFECT SOUVENIR!!!!!

Have you guys seen the "You Are Here" mugs that Starbucks sells? Well, did you know the Starbucks at Disneyland has them too??!!! (All the Disney Parks have them as of this year.) And they are AMAZING! Here is the little beauty I brought home for one lucky scrapper:

The lucky winner of the Disneyland mug is . . .

disneysheryl65 and her "Illuminations" layout:

I hope you love your mug, Sheryl! Email me and let me know the address where you'd like it shipped!!

Hope you guys had a fun NSD weekend while I was away!! Thanks to all those who supported Britt-ish Designs. I love you all!

back to life . . . My Year In Pockets for MAY!

When I get home from a Disney trip, I need few days of full-on recuperation! Do any of you feel like that? We got home Sunday night, Josh left for a business trip the next day and I went into hibernation. Tuesday and Wednesday we accomplished almost nothing and it was FANTASTIC!! By Thursday I was ready to put on makeup, run some errands, and get some groceries. Soccer practice also lured us out to enjoy the sunshine and sunburn my neck.

But here we are, Friday afternoon and it's past time for a new release blog post!! The new May My Year In Pockets goodies are ready and waiting for you. If you're already an MYIP Subscriber, you should have received an email in your inbox from me last night with your products.

And no - I have NOT forgotten about the NSD challenge, and the souvenir giveaway. I promise I'll be back tonight to post those winners. But right now I've got to post these new products. Winners tonight. Pinky swear.

Introducing . . .

"My Year In Pockets (May 2015): Bundle"

"My Year In Pockets (May 2015): Cards"

"My Year In Pockets (May 2015): Embellishments"

"My Year In Pockets (May 2015): Papers"

"My Year In Pockets (May 2015): Alpha"

While I was away on vacation, my Britt Girls were busy creating! And wow - did they deliver!! Wait til you see the beauty and variety they came up with . . .

by by Kelsy

by Melinda

by Natasha

by Denise

by Erica

by Kat

by Wendy

by Tanya

by Melissa

by Justine

by Jan

by Julie

by Fonnetta

by Christie

by Becca

WOW. Just wow. Right?

In case you don't know the whole scoop about My Year In Pockets, let me explain it really quick. Read all about the adventure that is My Year In Pockets, and hopefully it'll start to make sense. Subscribers get ALL the MYIP products I release during 2015. So even if you sign up now, you'll get everything from January, February, March and April too! So - you really can sign up ANY time during 2015 and still get ALL the goods to create your 2015 book. It's never too late.

If you have any questions about My Year In Pockets, PLEASE leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer. Regardless of if you subscribe, buy a goodie here or there, or are just starting off documenting your year in pockets, I'm always happy to answer any questions!

Have a very happy weekend, scrap those pockets, and I'll see you later tonight to announce all those NSD winners!!

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