Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Year In Pockets | August 2015

I am so excited to be coming to you on a TUESDAY to release my new My Year In Pockets bundle. Normally new releases happen on Friday, but I figured WHY WAIT?!! Let's get this out there now.

My Year In Pockets (August 2015): Bundle

My Year In Pockets (August 2015): Cards

My Year In Pockets (August 2015): Embellishments

My Year In Pockets (August 2015): Papers

My Year In Pockets (August 2015): Alpha

Check out the amazing layouts the Britt Girls whipped up with the August goodies . . .

by Wendy

by Natasha

by Melissa

by Melinda

by Kelsy

by Kat

by Justine

by Julie

by Jan

by Cami

by Erica

I always like to make sure to explain this crazy MYIP thing for those who might not know about it!! Subscribers get ALL the MYIP products I release during 2015. So even if you sign up now, you'll get everything from January, February, March and April, May, June and July too!! So - you really can sign up ANY time during 2015 and still get ALL the goods to create your 2015 book. It's never too late. Read all about the adventure that is My Year In Pockets, and hopefully it'll start to make sense.

If you have any questions about My Year In Pockets, PLEASE leave a comment below and I'll do my best to answer. Regardless of if you subscribe, buy a goodie here or there, or are just starting off documenting your year in pockets, I'm always happy to answer any questions!

Happy August, everyone!! I hope you summer is winding up to be one for the books!! Or at least your MYIP book! Have a wonderful, full, happy and love-filled month.

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