Friday, June 30, 2017

Project Mouse | RUN

Ask and ye shall, receive. Krista Sahlin and I have definitely heard your many requests for a runner's version of Project Mouse, and while neither of us falls into that category ourselves, we knocked ourselves out trying to make the PERFECT running Project Mouse collection. But wait - not a runner?? Like I said, neither are we!! If the only thing you like to run toward is the churro cart - TRUST ME - we got you covered. (Be sure to scroll through the gorgeousness that is the Britt Girls layouts below to see what I mean.)

We hope you *ALL* love it!!

Project Mouse (Run): Bundle

Project Mouse (Run): Cards

Project Mouse (Run): Elements

Project Mouse (Run): Word Bits

Project Mouse (Run): Papers

*:・゚✧ inspiration from the britt girls! *:・゚✧

by Tanya

by Heather

by Justine

by Jan

by Kelsy

by Melinda

by Natasha

by Fonnetta

by Wendy

by Becca

by Julie

by Kathleen Summers (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Lynette Wilkins (Sahlin Studio Team)

by sucali (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Elisa Hubbard (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Theresa Moxley (Sahlin Studio Team)


  1. You guys made such a fabulous run (and non-run!) kit! Honored that you featured my page on your blog and email blast! :)


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