Thursday, March 16, 2017

Project Mouse FANniversary - 4 Years of Magic

To all who come to this happy place, WELCOME!

Welcome my friends, to the Project Mouse FANniversary Celebration - 4 Years of Magic. Four years ago, Krista and I embarked on a magical journey that would take us further than either of us ever dreamed.
From 2013: We are just two moms - two CRAZY DISNEY LOVING moms - who wanted to document the the details of our Disney vacations. We wanted to record everything and get our kids and husbands involved in the memory keeping, so we would never forget a single magical memory we made together. We needed a system!  A solution. That’s how Project Mouse came to be. Now, we want to share this system with every passionate memory keeper who is looking for a way to remember their own magical moments forever.

I am so happy you're here to celebrate all things Project Mouse with us. I know it'll be an exciting, inspiring, motivating and magical weekend.

All individual packs of Project Mouse product are 35% off now through Monday (3/20/17) at midnight! And this is something that ONLY EVER HAPPENS DURING OUR FANNIVERSARY - All bundles are an addition 15% off their already discounted price! Bundles never go on sale, so this is the biggest discount you'll ever see on bundles.

Also, we're offering the all-new "Project Mouse: Pins" as a FREE WITH PURCHASE for all orders of $25 (or more) of Project Mouse products!!

And of course - theres a new kit. A collection inspired by where it allllllll began. Where a man walked through an ordinary orange grove and dreamed up something extraordinary! This is . . . Project Mouse: Beginnings.

Project Mouse (Beginnings): Bundle

Project Mouse (Beginnings): Cards

Project Mouse (Beginnings): Embellishments

Project Mouse (Beginnings): Papers

Project Mouse (Beginnings): Word Bits

Is this pretty or what?! I'm totally in love with it. You all know Disneyland is the park that holds my heart, so of course this just makes me beyond happy. I love everything about it.

*** Be sure to read to the end of this post for an awesome FREEBIE & a link to Krist's blog freebie too!! ***

Here are the pages I scrapped with it. From our 2016 trip.

Check out even more beauty from our teams:

by Krista Sahlin

by Kat

by Justine

by Wendy

by Tanya

by Shivani

by DailyDwelling

by Erica

by Fonnetta

by Heather

by Iowan

by Jan

by Julie

by Kelsy

by Melinda

by Krista Norton

by sucali

by Deekaa

by Kathleen Summers

by KittyY

by Lynette

by Melanie B

WHEW!! You made it through ALLLLL that! You deserve a treat.


(click image to download)

Krista will post her blog freebie today too! So keep watching her blog for that!

Now, I'll be back tomorrow to post about challenges, prizes, games and more!! But for now, happy shopping and I hope to see you all celebrating along with us on this magical weekend!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's (almost) Time to Celebrate!

We are SO excited about this coming weekend. We are celebrating 4 years of magic with Project Mouse. I can’t believe it’s already been 4 years!! We hope you’ll join us for lots of scrapping, a great sale, challenges, games, prizes, and all sorts of FUN! The event is being hosted at Krista’s shop - The Lily Pad. There’s a whole board in their forum devoted to this celebration. So that’s definitely where you’ll need to be watching all weekend long. (HINT - Our first posts/game is going up tomorrow morning!)

Ok, so listen. Have you guys heard about "Watch Cheryl Scrap"? I didn't know about it (I must have been living under a rock) until recently, but the wonderfully talented Chery (aka gonewiththewind) lets you watch her scrap a full layout start to finish LIVE!!! Then afterwards she usually posts them to her YouTube channel. hosts the live events, and it's totally fascinating to see how she works!

So - guess what!!! We've teamed up with Cheryl and she's going to do THREE of her very popular LIVE sessions during our Project Mouse FANniversary weekend all with Project Mouse products. One of the session YOURS TRULY is going to be scraping a pocket style page right along side Cheryl. So you get to see ME scrap too!! And Krista will be there as well, answering questions and hanging out with us. I am SO excited!! We are going to have so much fun! OH YEAH!! And everyone who attends any one of her sessions is getting a super sweet little PM PRIZE!!

Se be sure to arrange your schedule to join us!

FRI, March 17, 2017 at 9 pm EDT/6 pm PDT

SAT, March 18, 2017 at 2 pm EDT/11 am PDT [with special guests Krista & Britt]

SUN, March 19, 2017 at 6 pm EDT/3 pm PDT

You'll need headphones or speakers to be able to hear us!

Here's the link to enter the Adobe Connect Room: link

So come and watch Cheryl (and ME) Scrap! YAY!

There’s also a regular chat in TLP chatroom on Saturday with me and Krista. We’ll be there to chit chat, shoot the breeze, answer questions, whatever you want!

Please join us in the LilyPad Chat Room on Saturday, March 18th!!

6pm EDT, 5pm CDT, 4pm MDT, 3pm PDT

All our chat attendees will get another awesome Project Mouse gift!!

That’s just the beginning of what we’ve got cooked up for this weekend. I hope to see you all playing along!!

Friday, March 10, 2017


So I COMPLETELY disappeared. I know. Ever since baby was born, I've been pretty much OFF the computer. But something special has brought me back . . .

Can you believe Project Mouse is already 4 years old? 4 magical wonderful years. We are so excited to celebrate. Make sure you save the date and join us for TONS of fun next weekend. There will be chats, prizes, challenges, and of course the biggest Project Mouse discounts we ever offer.


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