Friday, June 8, 2018

Project Mouse | Tomorrow PINS & ARTSY!!

People of Earth! We come in . . . Mouse! Hahah!! There are NEW Project Mouse (Tomorrow): Pins AND Artsy in the shop!! I can’t tell you how much Krista and I LOVE making pins and artsy packs. They are just SO fun and creative! They really get me excited. I hope you like this installment! You can get BOTH brand new products for just $4.99 this weekend only!

** LIMITED TIME ** Project Mouse (Tomorrow): BUNDLE 2

Project Mouse (Tomorrow): Enamel Pins

Project Mouse (Tomorrow): Artsy

inspiration from the britt girls!

by Kelsy

by Justine

by Fonnetta

by Julie

by Jan

by Wendy

by Tanya

by Kat

by Erica

by Courtney Stevens (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Tracie Radtke (Sahlin Studio Team)

by Lynnette Wilkins

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